My passion for photography began in 1985 with an 18th birthday present from my parents- a Praktica SLR camera.
I was already a motorsport fan, and went to Sutton Park every year to watch the the RAC Rally from the late 70's onwards. (I've been car-mad as long as anyone in my family can remember!).

Over the last 25 years I've photographed rallying, hillclimb and sprint events, and more recently 'historic' racing. If there's a bias towards Hillman Imps in my pictures, let's just say you never forget a fun first car!

I aim to show car and driver in a dramatic way, including beautiful surroundings where possible. The direction and quality of light is very important - I believe light is the one essential requirement for a successful photograph.
If someone sees my pictures and thinks "Wow!...wish I'd been there"; or "I've got to have a car like that", then I feel I've made an impact.

The oldest pictures on this site are from the early 1990's and the majority were taken in the last 15 years.
I 'went digital' in 2009 and like many photographers I find that seeing immediate results on the camera's LCD screen helps me learn from my mistakes.

If you've enjoyed the photographs and would like to chat about cars or photography then I can be contacted by phone (01299 829719), or via the 'contact me' section of the web-site.

Thanks for looking!